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Squawking RNO

This is a message that we received from Gordon Boettger. We feel that this is very important and decided to post this on the homepage. Here is Gordo’s message: Folks, Just spent the day at OAK ARTCC.  They keep emphasizing that for safety reasons all gliders “should” (highly recommended) squawk around the RNO area.  They said that chunk of airspace still scares the hell out of them.  They mentioned that they’re still seeing a lot of nonsquawkers out there.  When they’re dealing with nonsquawking targets that suddenly disappear from their screen near an arriving/departing aircraft, it not only makes them really nervous , but their workload goes up and makes their job much harder.  Although I wasn’t dealing with NORCAL, OAK ARTCC handles all arrivals in/out of RNO above FL190.  The approach plates for all the approaches into RNO have a large note saying “EXTENSIVE GLIDER OPERATIONS UP TO FL180” but that doesn’t guarantee anything.  I CANNOT OVEREMPHASIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF THE NEED TO SQUAWK WITH MODE C WHENEVER AIRBORNE when flying from airports around the Reno area.  It’s pretty simple.  Turn the bloody transponder on before takeoff just as one would the radio and leave it on. That way you won’t forget it airborne.  Plus, that will allow us glider guys that have a PCAS device or FLARM to see those that don’t have FLARM or PCAS.  There’s no...

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Youth Scholarship Winners 2016

The Scholarship Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Minden Soaring Club is Proud to Announce the Winners of the 2016 Youth Scholarship! Lillian Thompson of Minden, Nevada Alexander Munn of  Reno, Nevada Martin Panofsky of Madison, Wisconsin Jennifer Bauman of Woodland Hills, California Congratulations to our winners!  Please help us welcome our new recipients and their family at the Annual General Meeting of the Minden Soaring Club Sunday, April 17, 2016, 5 pm at the Taildragger Restaurant, Minden-Tahoe Airport, Minden, NevadaMSC...

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Youth Scholarship Application for 2017

ATTENTION The Minden Soaring Club Youth Scholarship Application is now available for 2017 Applications are due by February 28, 2017, Interviews March 11, 2017 and winners will be announced March 20, 2017 This year, the MSC will offer three scholarships in the amount of $1000 to youths who are interested in learning to fly gliders or who have already begun their training and need additional monetary assistance.   In addition, a $500 award will be available to each recipient upon recommendation of a qualified flight instructor. The scholarships will be awarded by the MSC Board of Trustees and the scholarship award will be deposited at a training facility of the winner’s choice.  Please email or for for further information. The application form is available here: 2017 Youth Scholarship Application Form (PDF, 329kb) The MSC is a non-profit 5-1(c)(3) corporation which was organized to promote soaring in the region by encouraging education to improve pilot safety and proficiency through training and education.  Donations for the scholarship fund are gratefully...

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2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Minden Soaring Club was be held on Sunday, March 26, 2017 at 5:30 pm. Taildragger Restaurant, Minden-Tahoe Airport The meeting gave members a change to see what the club has been up to this last year, meet the Board of Trustees and learn about the latest scholarship news, our financial status and other items of interest.  Everyone was...

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