Transponder code now 1202 for gliders

Effective March 8, the FAA wants all gliders flying in the Minden/Carson/Reno area to squawk 1202 on their transponder if they are not in contact with ATC and instructed to do otherwise.  The same code is to be used by gliders all over the US unless local agreements are in place or unless ATC instructs you to do otherwise.

The previous glider squawk code (0440) is no longer to be used.

The new squawk code goes into effect March 8.  This assumes, of course that you have a transponder, preferably one that reports your altitude.

If you do not, we urge you to install one.

The new squawk code results from several years’ negotiation between the FAA and the Soaring Society of America.  Having a single code for the entire nation should make for better compliance and ease of operation.

Please change the squawk code on your transponder the next time you go soaring!